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Chevrolet Key Locksmith | Car Key Replacement Chevrolet

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Automotive Locksmith Services We Provide

  • Chevrolet chipped car keys cut & programmed on site.

  • Chevrolet car key fob replacement.  

  • Chevrolet remote key programming.

  • Ignition repair or replace for Chevrolet.

  • Chevrolet car key duplication.


One of the most common cars to get stolen were Chevy's so after 2007 Chevrolet decided to have a transponder key to prevent car thefts.
A really smart idea but losing your car key may be very stressful, some Chevrolet cars even have a high security or laser cut car key, which calls for lots of labor & a professional locksmith.

Whether your key broke or you lost your car key to your Chevrolet, we can help quick!
We make standard metal keys, remote keys and chipped keys for all Chevrolet makes and models, 
also fix Ignition switches, door and trunk locks.
We make sure to carry most if not all Chevrolet keys in stock.

Keys & Locksmith Corona provides fast, professional and reliable auto locksmith in Corona, CA and Riverside County.

                                                                   (951) 847-7575

Chevrolet Car Keys & Fobs

Chevrolet Chipped Key
Transponder Key Car Key Replacement Corona CA_edited.jpg

Chevrolet Avalanche    2007 - 2013
Chevrolet Cobalt          2006 - 2010
Chevrolet Impala          2014 - 2016

Chevrolet Tahoe           2007 - 2014
Chevrolet Equinox        2007 - 2009
Chevrolet Express        2008 - 2014
Chevrolet Silverado      2007 - 2013
Chevrolet HHR             2006 - 2011
Chevrolet Impala          2006 - 2013

Chevrolet Traverse       2009 - 2015
Chevrolet Malibu          2004 - 2013
Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2006 - 2007
Chevrolet Suburban     2007 - 2014


Chevrolet Car Key fobs_edited.jpg




Chevrolet Equinox       2010

Chevrolet Traverse      2007 - 2016
Chevrolet Tahoe          2007 - 2014

Chevrolet Suburban    2007 - 2014

Chevrolet Keyless Entry Remotes
Chevrolet Flip Key Fob
Chevrolet Flip key replacement eastvale CA_edited_edited.jpg

Chevrolet Camaro  2010 - 2016

Chevrolet Cruze     2011 - 2016

Chevrolet Equinox  2010 - 2019

Chevrolet Impala    2014 - 2019

Chevrolet Malibu    2014 - 2016

Chevrolet Sonic      2012 - 2017

Chevrolet Proximity Push To Start Fobs
Chevrolet Camaro Car key fob norco CA_edited_edited.jpg

Chevrolet  Cruze      2016 - 2019
Chevrolet  Malibu     2016 - 2019

Chevrolet  Camaro   2016 - 2019

Chevrolet Keys | Door Locks | Ignition Cylinders Riverside County

Chevrolet Keyless Entry

Keys & Locksmith Corona provides and programs Chevrolet car key fobs and Keyless Entry Systems for most models.

Door Lock Cylinder & Ignition Repair

For Chevrolet Cylinders that stopped working or are hard to operate we can repair or replace with new ones.
it's a common issue and most of the time we're able to repair the existing cylinders.

Key Duplication For Chevrolet

Are you looking for a spare key for your car?
You're afraid of dealers prices?
You rather have a professional car locksmith arrive to you?

Well we can help with car key duplication services in riverside county.
We're mobile, we arrive at your location within 20 minutes and we guarantee our work with 90 days.

Call us anytime at 951.847.7575 

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