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Keys & Locksmith Corona FAQ's

Q: Why should I use Keys & Locksmith Corona locksmith company?
A: Lots of reasons but i'll go over the 3 main ones.

1. Experience and professionalism: The way you look at your door, locks and access points to your house is a lot different than a licensed and experienced locksmith looks at your door.
A locksmith can see the weak points and advise on how to secure your house a lot better. Common thief's look for easy locks to pick and if your locks are better than your neighbors, the thief will skip your place and choose an easier way in. 


2. Insurance: If a locksmith works on your $2500 house door or your car and something bad happens even if by're left responsible. Not all locksmith companies are insured so its always good to check and make sure they're insured. It is worth the extra peace of mind and it doesn't cost you a penny more.

3. Affordability: A lot of times I arrived to a costumer that tried to do the job himself only to find out he drilled holes at the wrong spot and needed to change the door. Calling us at Keys and Locksmith Corona gives you peace of mind because were honest, reliable and affordable.

Q: Should I install regular locks or high security locks?

A: To answer in short I would choose high security locks any time over standard locks. To expand a little about the two different locks. Standard locks can be picked, can be bumped keyd open, can be drilled easily and the quality overall of standard locks is just not good that's why they're so cheap. On another note, lots of thief's can just stare at your key and learn the cuts and go cut the key and break in your house.

High security locks such as Mul-T-Lock, Medeco, Assa Abloy, etc....are nearly impossible to pick, drill or bump keyd open. No matter how much a thief will stare at your key he will never be able to figure out the correct cuts of the key. They make these locks to prevent any breach from the key to the lock itself, even the latch is reinforced.

Q: What is a Master rekey and do I need it?

A: A standard rekey is when we change the pins(tumblers) inside the lock cylinder and that makes your old key not work anymore.
Instead of changing the lock to new hardware we can just change the key to the lock and save you money. We at Keys & Locksmith Corona recommend to change hardware if the lock you have is not a good/safe lock, old lock or if you want to upgrade the lock you have on your door. If you gave a key copy to anyone who you don't want to have a key anymore such as a contractor, an old roommate or tenant, we would recommend you re-key the lock.

Master Rekey is making 2 or more keys work on the same lock. People often ask us: "why do I need it?" lets say you have a house with multiple doors/ locks and you want your key to open all the doors, however you want to give your gardner or dog walker a key and you don't want them to have access to your house and just have access to those gates so we make your key open all the doors including the gates and the gardeners key just open the gates and not the doors to the house.

Q: Just moved in to a new place do I need to Rekey/Change my locks?

A: Most if not everything you own is stored at your house or business, how do you know when the locks were rekeyd or changed last? Who still has a copy of that key? Contractors that worked at the house? Previous tenants? If you don't know the answer to that then your home or business are at risk! It is not worth taking such a risk and have your locks changed or rekeyed so you have a clear and relaxed state of mind.

Q: How do I choose a locksmith?

A: Is the Locksmith company insured? does he have enough experience for the job you need to perform?

I remember when I started working I thought I knew the job but only after the 3rd year I realized how much I did not know.

Next important question that you want to ask is "do I trust him?" when you call a locksmith to change your locks, you know that he will have the key to your house. A legit technician and company will never risk their license to make a key duplicate to your house that is why we recommend you make sure the company you hire, is a legit locksmith company.
With social media, it is easy for anyone to advertise they are a locksmith. There are thief's that advertise on Craigslist and similar websites for really cheap prices and when they show up and give you "the best deal ever" for locksmith services, you won't hesitate on booking them for the job. Their intention is to see what's inside your house and to walk in with a key and steal everything once you are away.

Professional locksmiths get their finger prints taken by the Bureau of investigative and security services to make sure were not criminals and we get background checks every other year.

Q: How to pick a lock?

So you got locked out and ask "how do i pick my lock?"
good question....if its your deadbolt lock you may want to call a professional locksmith near you.
however if its the bottom lock such as a knob or a lever you may be in luck and try to use your credit card to swipe your way back in.
which is a quick reminder why you always want to lock the deadbolt instead of the knob because thief's can swipe there way in as well!


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