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Keys and locksmith corona is one of the leading automotive locksmiths in Riverside county.

With the newest computerized equipment to cut and program all car keys, you can rely on us to answer all of your locksmith needs. From car lockouts, truck lockouts, door rekey, ignition rekey, trunk lockouts, chip keys, repair car ignition, install car ignition, transponder keys, laser cut key, key fob's, reflash, ECU, key extraction, high security car keys, 


The benefits of using a mobile locksmith company, we come to you! Its already stressful losing your car key, you don't need to stress about towing your car to the dealer and wait the the entire day for a new key.


We offer flat prices, on site estimates, same day service, no hidden charges!

Repair & Replace Ignitions

Sometimes its not in our control and the ignition switch gets jammed or wafers break inside.
Keys and Locksmith corona technicians will first try and repair the current ignition before replacing it.

Repair & Replace Auto Locks

Most car door and trunk cylinders can be replaced and rekeyed to the original Key that came with the car.
Keys and Locksmith Corona can assist you with repairing or replacing your Automotive locks.

Replace Lost/Stolen Car Keys

If you Lost your car Key or had it stolen, Keys and Locksmith Corona can Make you a new Key for your car,
if you had your Key stolen, a lot of times we will erase the old keys from working so whomever stole them wont be able to start your car and steal it.
a lot of times we can Rekey your car locks as well and secure it so the thief wont be able to unlock the doors as well.

Car Key Extraction

If you notice your Key gets thinner and thinner its a good idea to get a new one made.
once it gets too thin it'll break and then its pretty difficult to remove it, 9 out of 10 times we can extract broken car keys and make you a new key for your car as well.
our Car Locksmith Technician's have the right tools to extract the broken keys.

High Security Keys 
Also known as laser cut keys

Vehicle's such as Hondas started using high security/Laser cut keys from 2003.
most cars from 2012 switched over to laser cut keys as well.
at Keys And Locksmith Corona our Technicians are equipped with top of the line Laser cutting machine and we can make a key for almost any car ever made.

Transponder Chip Keys

Transponder keys (chipped keys) were made so even if a thief tried breaking the ignition switch or hotwiring the car he wont be able to steal it.
The key is programmed to the car and only that key will be able to start the car.
Keys And Locksmith Corona stock most transponder keys and can provide same day service and make a key for your car.

Emergency Trunk Opening

one of the most frustrating things is when you shut the trunk and then realize you locked the keys in there.
our Car Locksmith Technicians can open the trunk most likely without making a key.

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