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Keys & Locksmith Corona Automotive Services
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What We Do:

• Ignition Cylinder Repair
• Car & Trunk Lockouts
• Key Fobs
• Car Key Programming
• Broken Key Extractions 
• Standard & Laser Key Cutting
• Car Key Replacement 
• ECU Programming




                Lost your Keys? in need of a car key replacement?


Keys & Locksmith Corona Automotive Locksmith is based out of Corona CA, our main focus in this department is car key replacement.
Even though we're based out of Corona CA, we still offer car key replacement services in Eastvale, Norco, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside and Chino Hills.
We are also experts in repairing and replacing automotive locks such as door, trunk and ignitions.
With almost 2 decades of automotive locksmith experience we learned to carry most brands of car keys and fobs such as , Strattec, Keyline, JMA, and ILCO.
We also carry OEM and Aftermarket key fobs for almost every vehicle.

Our main goal is to provide excellent service so you will contact us in every future event of needing a car locksmith in Corona.

Most of our jobs are referrals and we wish and hope to keep it this way for years to come, We go above and beyond our costumers expectations, because nothing makes us happier than repeat costumers.


Keys and locksmith corona is one of the leading automotive locksmiths in Riverside county.

With the newest computerized equipment to cut and program all car keys, you can rely on us to answer all of your locksmith needs. From car lockouts, truck lockouts, door rekey, ignition rekey, trunk lockouts, chip keys, repair car ignition, install car ignition, transponder keys, laser cut key, key fob's, reflash ECU, key extraction, high security car keys, 


The benefits of using a mobile locksmith company, we come to you! Its already stressful losing your car key, you don't need to stress about towing your car to the dealer and wait the the entire day for a new key.

We offer flat prices, on site estimates, same day service, no hidden charges!


• We're Local.                                                                           • We don't sub our jobs out.

• We're Licensed & Insured.                                                     • Best locksmith tools so it's done right.

Mobile Locksmith so we come to you.                                    • Best Price Guaranteed.






There are various reasons why you may require our locksmith services. If you live in Corona, CA and lost your car keys, had them stolen, or just bought the car and you're worried that someone might have another key.

Regardless if it's the car of your dreams, or your daily commuter vehicle, we strive to assure that you feel that your vehicle is as safe and secure as possible. 
Here are the top reasons why Car key Replacement Corona is the best option for you.

1. Sometime we lose our car keys at areas where a thief can start pushing the panic on the fob and locate which car it belongs to.
Because we're a local locksmith company in Corona CA, we can arrive at your location ASAP and disable the old keys from working, while cutting & programming you a new set.
Give us the chance to help you avoid all these problems & and to be able to sleep good at night.

2. Most cars have the option for a key fob or just the key by itself, it is better to have the fob as well because it will activate the OEM alarm that came with your car & and using the Car key fob won't put wear & tear on the door lock cylinder and reduce the chance of you needing to replace the door lock cylinder.
Car Key replacement Corona CA can offer both options.

3. Peace of mind, at times we can even give our friends a copy of our car key so they can move it on street cleaning day, or just so they can keep for you in case we lose it.
That same car key gets stolen or misplaced, or you had a small argument and they don't want to return the keys.
Calling a professional locksmith can give you that peace of mind by deactivating that missing car key.
Also if they ever return that car key fob, Keys & Locksmith Corona can always add it back for a fraction of the cost of a new one.











3 Reason To Call For Car Key Replacement in Corona CA
Why Choose Us?
Car Keys
Car Keys
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Repair & Replace Ignitions

With time and even with regular usage of our car keys, the wafers inside the cylinder and the key wear down and the ignition switch gets jammed or wafers break inside.

Some designs of ignition switches are not as good as others and are prone to break or jam quicker.

We carry most ignition cylinders in stock, especially the problematic ones. however, at Keys and Locksmith Corona our technicians will first try to repair the current ignition before replacing it.

If you're located in Corona Ca and surrounding areas and your car's ignition cylinder stops working or gets jammed, please don't try and use too much force or the key can break inside the cylinder.

High Security Keys 
Also known as laser cut keys

Vehicle's such as Honda's started using high security/Laser cut keys from 2003 and in 2012 most car manufacturers switched over to laser cut keys as well.

Hi security car keys were made in order to make it more difficult to pick or decode the lock and to prevent car thefts.
Most laser cut keys come with a chip built in to add even more security.

Most locksmith companies in Corona deter from these sophisticated key machines because they're more difficult to operate and cost a lot more than standard key duplicating machines.

At Keys And Locksmith Corona our technicians are equipped with top of the line Laser key cutting machines and we can make a key for almost any car out there.
We serve car dealerships in Corona Ca as well.

Repair & Replace Auto Locks

A cars door lock mechanism has a simple design BUT, numerous rods are attached to that same mechanism.
some rods are connected to the power windows so when you unlock your car twice the window will come down, or when you unlock twice it'll unlock the rest of your car's doors.

With time, these rods become more difficult to move and they create pressure on the door lock.
either the key breaks at this point or the rods jam.

Most car door and trunk cylinders can be replaced or repaired and rekeyed to the original Key that came with the car.
Keys and Locksmith Corona can assist you with repairing or replacing your Automotive locks.

Transponder Chip Keys

What's a transponder key?
transponder keys (chipped keys) were made so even if a thief tried breaking the ignition switch or hot-wiring the car he wont be able to steal it.

The key is programmed to the car and only that key will be able to start the car.
even if you cut another key with a chip in it but don't program it to the car, the car won't start.

Some cars have a "push to start" mechanism, meaning there is no key. however that fob still has a chip that needs to be programmed to your car.

Keys And Locksmith Corona stocks most transponder keys and push to start key fobs, we also carry most key-less remotes and can provide same day service and make a key for your car.


Replace Lost/Stolen Car Keys

If you lost your car Key or had it stolen, Keys and Locksmith Corona can Make you a new Key for your car.

We are a local locksmith company in Corona Ca that specializes in car key replacement for domestic and imported cars such as BMW, VW and Mercedes.

If you had your Key stolen, a lot of times we will erase the old keys from working so whomever stole them wont be able to start your car and steal it.
a lot of times we can Re-key your car locks as well and secure it so the thief wont be able to unlock the doors as well.
Our car key specialists will always come up with the most cost effective and best route to go, and only with your approval will start working on making your new car key.

Car Key Extraction

If you notice your Key gets thinner and thinner its a good idea to get a new one made.
once it gets too thin it'll break and then its pretty difficult to remove it, 9 out of 10 times we can extract broken car keys and make you a new key for your car as well.
Our Car Locksmith Technician's have the right tools to extract the broken keys from your car's ignition or door lock.
Since our Car Key Replacement Corona CA technicians use the most advanced Car key cutting machines, they can achieve the most accurate cuts and cut the key by the original key code that came with your car.

Emergency Trunk Opening

"Locked the keys in my trunk, what do i do?"

First let's understand why trunk lockouts are difficult.

Most car manufacturers make the trunks act as a safe, so when you go out you can leave your purse or bags in the trunk, and if a thief breaks your window and tries to pop your trunk he won't be able too, only a key or remote will work.

Security wise its a really nice feature and gives you an ease of comfort knowing that your goods are safe in the trunk of your car.
However, if you locked the keys in your trunk and the trunk acts as a makes it really difficult to open it back up.

It can be so frustrating when you shut the trunk and then realize you locked the keys in there.
at this point we have a few ways to get the trunk of your car open, however there are a few car manufacturers that the only way to get the trunk open is by making a key.

At Keys and locksmith Corona we will always try to go with a cheaper route to open the trunk, and leave making the key as a last resort.

Our car locksmith technicians are equipped with top of the line lock decoders, lock picks, car computers and special trunk lockout tools to assist with most situations.

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Smart Key (Push To Start)

Some car key locksmiths are scared of push to start key fobs or smart keys, we do it all and proud of it.
Whether you have a Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, BMW, Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Jeep, Acura, Chevrolet, Audi, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Fiat, Hummer, Infiniti, Isuzu, Land Rover, Lincoln, Mercury, Nissan, Pontiac, Saturn, Subaru, Suzuki.


Our Laser Key Cutting Machine
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