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5 Tips to better secure your front door.

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

lately there has been a lot of home invasions, invasions are a little different than a burglary. in a burglary the criminals break in in order to steal and in an invasion the criminals are there to stay for as long as they can. sometimes they will try to call your home phone or ring on your door bell at different hours of the day to make sure you're away on vacation and then they'll plan their invasion. so in this blog were going to explain how to better secure your doors and frame. 1.Door hinges we want to make sure that the door hinges are internally and not external hinges, because if they are external its pretty easy to take the door off the hinges and break in that way. 2. Upgrading your locks Not all locks are the same, even if they look similar. some our pick resistant, some are bump key proof, some are drill proof and some are all of the above. 3.Adding Security screen doors i personally would invest in a high security lock however if you want to go with something more affordable i would suggest adding a screen door. there are more things to check however...such as how many access points do we have to the house. most break ins happen from side and back doors. at keys and locksmith corona we check and evaluate all of access points and door frames to come up with the most secure plan. 4. Secure the frame and strike plates most of the residential doors in the U.S have a wood frame and wood frames aren't as strong as concrete frames or metal frames. here are a few tips to help protect the door and frame against brute force. lets install longer screws in the strike plate, the longer the screws are the more strength they'll have to withstand a forced entry. lets install plate covers...when holes are being cut in a door so locks can be installed, those areas become weaker especially since they're close to the edge of the door. these covers are from metal and they add strength to those areas. 5. Cameras whenever you're away from your house, whether its an out of country vacation or just out working you cant keep an eye on the house. most cameras now a days have the option to stream data to a smart phone. the camera will send you an alert to your phone if it catches someone getting closer to the door/s.

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