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How To Choose The Right Locks For Your Home.

Are you looking to purchase a good security lock for your home in Corona, CA? with thousands of different locks out there and a bunch of different functions to each lock, it can get confusing. In this blog we will go over 4 tips that can help you better understand locks, security and functions of the locks.

  1. Security In my opinion of being a locksmith for almost 18 years, some doors in the house or business should be more secured than others. since most break-ins happen from the side of the garage leading into the home, I would recommend to secure that door with a high security deadbolt or a Wi-Fi keypad that can notify you on your phone when someone enters the house through that door. The rest of the doors should be equipped with decent to good locks because thieves will always look for an easy access point into some ones home, so having good locks on your home will make the criminals choose an easier lock to pick or bypass, so its important to know "how to choose the right locks for your home."

  2. Quality. Most of the time a good quality lock also means better security due to tighter tolerances, more pins inside the cylinder equals to more resistance to picking or bypassing the lock. A good quality lock will last a lot longer than a cheap grade 3 lock, because the design of the lock has more flaws, and springs are weaker. So if you use the door often or if its a door to a business I would recommend a good quality lock, because no one wants to deal with a broken lock and not being able to lock up the business as the day ends.

  3. Lock Functions. Every lock comes with its own functions, if you have an office door that you would like to stay locked every time the door shuts so you go with a store room function. Some functions give you the ability to control whether you want the door to stay locked or remain unlocked unless you turn the thumb turn on the back of the lock and press it in. Different types of locks have different functions, so choose the one that will best serve you. Every locksmith technician at Keys & Locksmith Corona can help you choose the best lock with the best function for you.

  4. Smart Technology Vs Manual This question gets asked often, I would lean towards a good quality keypad for a business since it has options to connect to your Wi-Fi and you can distribute a different code to each employee and you can change them through your phone. For a home I would rather invest in a high security deadbolt so I know that no one can pick the lock or drill it and my home stays secured when I'm away from it.

And this sums up the best tips on how to choose the right locks for your home.

How To Choose The Right Locks For Your Home,
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How To Choose The Right Locks For Your Home,
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