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Sliding Door Lock Repair Corona, CA

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Glass sliding doors are beautiful to have and they bring natural light into your home, but the 2 main issues are Security & Safety. First we will go over security.

back doors are more prone to break-ins, its easier for the thief's because they have a little more cover than the front door.

Adding a lock to your sliding door will also help protect your kids against opening these types of doors. Because sliding door and patio doors tend to be taller than standard doors, you might wonder... What types of locks should i buy to secure my sliding door? How to secure my patio door? There are a few different kinds of sliding door locks in Corona, CA and most of them are not as secure as standard door locks. Because they latch onto the frame, they can sometimes be jiggled open.

Then there are French door mechanism locks that have a 3 point locking system that secures the door in 3 different spots and making it really secure. Bolts shoot to the upper door frame, bottom of frame and middle where the latch is.

French Door 3 Point locking systems offer the best security, however since they have more moving parts they need to be maintained more frequently. Keys & Locksmith Corona are experts in Sliding lock repairs or replacement in Corona, CA.

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