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I Bought A New House, Should I Change The Locks?

When building a home most contractors use basic locks, the security on these locks are not too good and the finish quality on it is also not high quality, meaning the color will fade fairly quick. After a few years the tolerances of the internal parts and the looks of the lock deteriorates. At this point you have a lot of options on what to do, however we will focus on just a few of them....the options that make "Cost Vs Value" sense. Option 1: Rekey the existing locks, meaning the old key wont work anymore and you get a brand new key. That way you know you're the only one that has a key to your home. This is the cheapest route and used most of the time, as long as the locks are decent and in good shape. Option 2: Install new locks, better security, better quality and a better finish. This option costs more since we have to provide the locks, remove old locks, install new locks and rekey them so they all work on the same key. This option will give you peace of mind for a long time. Option 1 is cheaper however if the locks are really old & in bad shape you will probably squeeze another year or 2 out of them and then need to do option 2 anyways. So it all comes down to budget at the time and the current locks. At keys & Locksmith Corona we usually remove a lock, open it up and see the condition of it and then give advice on what would be best. Option 3: install high security locks, this option is more on the expensive side but offers the best security for your home or apartment, however we usually recommend this option when the doors and frames are installed right. Our Locksmith Technicians have been in the field from 5 years to a over 2 decades, so they can always answer questions when on site. So to sum it all up, if you moved into a home and you have Schlage Locks, Baldwin Locks, Emtek, Medeco or Mul-T Locks we would recommend to save these locks and just rekey them. If its low security locks such as defiant, Kwikset etc. and also depends if they're new or old.....we would recommend to replace them. #BestLocksmithCoronaCA #NewLocks #Rekey #Lockchange

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