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My Key wont turn in ignition

My key got stuck in my ignition what do i do? My key wont turn at all? first i will discuss quick tips for you to try and if that doesn't help, you can call Keys & Locksmith Corona our vans are equipped with the tools necessary to repair or replace your ignition switch cylinder, so there is no need to tow the car and spend a lot of money. if you have a regular double sided key i wouldn't recommend messing with it because these keys are thin and if you put a little bit too much pressure on the key you can break it in the cylinder and then its a real hassle to get the key out. the first picture is a regular key that actually ended up breaking and i had to extract it from the ignition cylinder. and the 2nd picture is a laser cut key and you can see how its almost twice as thick as the regular key.

however if you have a laser cut key (pictured above) then i would recommend taking some WD-40 and trying to use a little bit of pressure to turn the ignition, if that still doesn't work then call us at keys and locksmith corona.

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