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Push Bar / Panic Bars

What are push bars? Do i need a push bar? am i required to install a push bar at my business? So push bars are mechanical locks that are used mostly for businesses that in case there is a fire the door can be opened by pushing it from the inside towards the outside, when people panic (hence the name panic bar) they all rush towards the door so the door has to be pushed to open vs pulled to open. Do i need a push bar? Push bars are good to have, however security wise they need to be installed by a professional because if they're installed wrong thief's can open these door with ease. if you're located in southern California, don't hesitate to call Keys and Locksmith Corona with any questions or if you decide to install a push bar

Am i Required to install a push bar? fire departments sometimes have different laws for different cities so its best to check with them. typically they need to be installed 36 inches above the ground. once you install a push bar you are not allowed to have another lock on the door.


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