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What lock should I buy for my home?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

So you decide to replace the locks in your home. You go to your local hardware store and as you get to the locks section you see so many different locks to choose from, prices, and now add a bunch of different colors/finishes and you start scratching your head with so many questions.

Let Keys and Locksmith Corona help you a little. We first need to determine what function we need.

1. Dummy locks:

These type of locks are mainly for beauty and have no function whatsoever, they don't even have a latch. Mainly installed on double doors.

2. Closet / Hallway locks:

These types of locks are installed on closets or hallway doors. They do come with a latch in order to keep the doors closed however not locked.

3. Privacy locks:

These locks are mostly installed on bathroom doors so you can lock them from the inside however they still have a safety feature in case someone locked the door behind them, you can use a penny or a screwdriver or sometimes your nail to get the door unlocked.

4. Entry locks:

These locks are meant to secure the door they are installed on and only a key will be bale to open the lock.

This is where it gets confusing. You look at the lock and all of them look pretty similar so you buy the cheapest one(and if you purchased the cheapest one, you've made a huge mistake and you don't even know it).

Most locks at your local hardware store are low to mid security, meaning that they can be picked, bumped or drilled open.

It means that a burglar/intruder can open your door, take what ever they seek, leave and even lock right back behind them and you wouldn't even know they were there until you notice your valuables missing. :(

Burglars cruise neighborhoods and search for easy access points which means if you have a low security lock they're coming in. Some people we speak with don't want to invest in a good secured lock because: "but wait i have an alarm"....15 minutes til the cops show up is plenty of time to grab your valuables.

To better answer your question "how can I secure my home better?" :

At Keys & Locksmith Corona, we can come to your location and check everything from the access points, door frames and windows and come up with the best security option for you.

A high security lock can not be picked, bumped or drilled and by installing a high security lock you're protecting your home and valuables and the burglars will most likely skip your house and look for a home with a low security lock. They know they won't be able to enter your home with a high security lock.

5. Keypad locks:

Keypad locks are pretty useful and make life a little easier. We have to remember that 95% of keypads will also come with a regular cylinder and a key, just in case the battery died so you wont get locked out. Since there is a regular cylinder in the lock, we want to make sure the cylinder is secure and not a low security lock.

On our next blog, we will discuss different types of high security locks and the way they are different from each other yet still able to give you the ultimate security that they were designed for.

If you have any questions or in need of a locksmith in Corona don't hesitate to call us at Keys and Locksmith Corona (951) 847-7575

Deadbolt lever doorknob high security lock
High security lock at Keys & Locksmith Corona

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