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Locksmith Services in Corona CA During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Covid-19 hit the world hard, in a perfect world one would help one another as much as they can. but the bad guys just got worst, they took advantage of the situation and more break-ins started to happen whether its residential, commercial or automotive. What we noticed as a local Locksmith company in Corona Ca was that from 1 out of 10 calls that used to be regarding a 7 out of 10 were regarding break-ins or car thefts. a lot of our accounts called to request help with securing the business better. usually when a thief succeeds in breaking in once, he will try again at some point. with securing the frame and installing high security locks, we noticed that repeated attacks were not successful and our mission was accomplished. Our dear past, present and future costumers we highly recommend that you stay safe from this pandemic and also secure your properties better....whether it's installing more secure locks, parking your car at a visible spot and keeping an eye for suspicious behavior of thief's that pass by. You can read more about high security locks here or on the web.

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